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Livin the Dream / May 15, 2013

Middle-Aged Grad Student

May 14, 2013. The end of my first year in a history Ph.D. program. I did my undergraduate years in a gloriously “traditional” manner. Eighteen, freshman year, assigned to a dorm with a roommate–luckily we fell into the lifelong friends category. We had another…

Livin the Dream / July 12, 2011

To-Do List for a Writer (Thinking of Buying a House)

– Do not by a house that’s been empty for more than three months: mice, dried-out pipes, cracked washers, tree roots, maple seedlings, burrowing bugs, and nesting birds. Nature is resilient. It’s the stability of our human society that’s an illusion, human structures that teeter on the…

Livin the Dream / May 4, 2011

Moments of Grace in Learning from Teaching

In 2011, I was teaching an “adult transition to college class” for a special program at a community college. If you want to see a true and pure slice of America–America in all its glory of conglomeration, weirdness, exuberance, achievement, and commotion–visit a community college. The word “community” actually…