Author: aimeeadmin

News / April 7, 2021

2021 Feb: “How Aimee Loiselle Does History,” Contingent Magazine

2021 February, “How Aimee Loiselle Does History,” Contingent Magazine Contingent is a non-profit history magazine. Its writers are adjuncts, museum workers, independent scholars—all people who work outside the tenure-track professoriate. Contingent is rooted in three principles: History is for everyone. Every way of doing history is worthwhile. Historians…

News / April 30, 2020

2020 Nov: Commentary for Springfield Democratic City Committee, Virtual Election Night Coverage

2020 November: Commentary for Springfield Democratic City Committee, Virtual Election Night Coverage The moderators for Election Night Coverage requested my commentary regarding the significance of unfolding results, particularly for the issues of U.S. workers and global supply chains, reproductive justice, and recent history of presidential politics.

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